GoSafe G717

GoSafe G717

Model: GoSafe G717


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GoSafe G717 is a portable vehicle GPS/GLONASS tracker that is installed into cigar lighter socket of a car. It perfectly suits the needs of companies that tracking the personnel, as well as private car owners, who don't want install an in-vehicle tracker.

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GoSafe G717 description

GoSafe G717 is a portable device designed for vehicle tracking. But it’s not that ordinary, for it does not require any installation: it is simply plugged into cigar lighter charger.

GoSafe G717 general view
GoSafe G717 in hand

Package content

The cardboard box contains the tracker itself and USB cable, that can be used for manual setup and firmware upgrade.

  • G717 device
  • USB cable

Location and tracking

GoSafe G717 is based on chip from ublox™ that supports GPS and GLONASS signals, as well as Assisted GPS technology for faster location acquiring. When no satellites signals are available, it uses Cell ID location method, also known as LBS-positioning. Tracking mode can be flexible configured: by distance, time interval and cornering.

GoSafe G717 tracks

Mobile networks

GoSafe G717 has Quad band GSM module, but depending on the hardware revision it can be either 2G or 3G. The slot for SIM card may also vary from standard to micro size. It is recommended to check these parameters before the purchase.

Power supply

There is the only way to power GoSafe G717 – from a car cigar lighter socket. The voltage range is between 8 and 32V. Device also features a built-in rechargeable backup battery. When fully charged it ensures about 1 hour of device operation (in normal conditions).

It is remarkable that device allows to check engine working status – by monitoring the voltage level; thus it makes possible to collect this data on the tracking server.

Local and remote management

GoSafe G717 tracker can be controlled over GPRS and it supports firmware updating via GPRS (FOTA). Also there is a wide list of SMS commands, on which device always replies back. In particular, Server address and port, APN settings can be applied remotely with SMS.

You can also configure G717 from a PC using proprietary software and standard USB-cable which is included into package.

Eco driving

In the latest hardware / firmware versions GoSafe G717 offers harsh driving monitoring, e.g. harsh braking or harsh cornering. This feature is based on the use of the information from internal accelerometer.

LED and sound indication

There is a multi-colour LED that lights up the butt-end of the device. It shows current GSM/GPRS mode, GPS reception and power status. Besides G717 has built-in buzzer that beeps for GSM connection, GPS fix and in the event of harsh driving behaviour.

Specifications and Features

Supported features

Server Integration
Server IP Address217.23.132.215
Server port47771
General information
Weight70 g (2.47 oz.)
Size108x32x32 mm (4.25x1.26x1.26 in)
GNSS Location
Internal antenna (GNSS)
Cellular network typeGSM Quad Band
Internal antenna (Connection)
Cellular network generation2G, 3G
ACC/Ignition inputFeature already supported
Feature already supported in
Hardware features
Battery capacity250 mAh
Feature already supported in
Built-in battery
Feature already supported in
Detach sensorFeature already supported
Feature already supported in
Tracking features
Tracking modesContinuous
Feature already supported in
Location by Cell IDFeature already supported
Feature already supported in
Events monitoring
Battery lowFeature already supported
Feature already supported in
Device switched on/offFeature already supported
Feature already supported in
Self monitoring
GNSS signal levelFeature already supported
Feature already supported in
GNSS satellites fixedFeature already supported
Feature already supported in
External power source voltageFeature already supported
Feature already supported in
Internal battery levelFeature already supported
Feature already supported in
Remote management
Server connection setup over SMSFeature already supported
Feature already supported in
Remote device configurationYes (over GPRS)Feature already supported
Feature already supported in
Firmware update OTA
Feature already supported in
Feature already supported in
Feature already supported in
Feature already supported in

3 reviews for GoSafe G717

  1. Daniel Nesh
    3 out of 5


    We’ve got the in-depth review for this model: https://www.telematics-talks.com/devices/gosafe-g717-review/

  2. Bryan
    4 out of 5


    Works well in general, with fast GPS acquisition, although not always accurate. If you’re looking for plug-n-play tracker, I’d recommend to check one of the OBDII trackers as well.

  3. Peter
    3 out of 5


    I couldn’t set it up for distance-based tracking: if the distance value is below 1000 meters – I get error message. I guess it’s kinda firmware bug. Anyway, I overcame that issue with configuring time-based interval (30 sec), plus by cornering (20 degrees) and it worked.

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