Technoton DUT-E GSM

Model: Technoton DUT-E GSM


DUE-E GSM combines GPS/GLONASS tracker and a fuel level sensor in a single convenient device.

Technoton DUT-E GSM description

DUT-E GSM is a fuel level sensor for trucks, agricultural, railway, mining, road buiding equipment and stationary tanks with the function of receiving signals from the navigation satellites GPS and GLONASS and wireless data transmission according to GSM standard. DUT-E GSM measures the level of fuel in tank and determines unit location, generates and sends analytical reports with working parameters to the telematic services server and by e-mail and SMS.
The fuel level sensor DUT-E GSM is used to increase the efficiency of the use of vehicle fleet resources, the accounting of fueling and drains from the tank, to prevent theft of fuel.

Location and tracking

  • Continuous tracking mode
  • no LBS support

Mobile networks

  • GSM-850/GSM-1900/GSM-900/GSM-1800
  • 3G support

Power supply

  • Power voltage 9-45V
  • Doesn’t have in-built battery, must be powered from vehicle circuit.

Inputs and Outputs

  • Digital interface CAN/S6

Specifications and Features

Supported features

Server Integration
Server IP Address217.23.132.215
Server port47768
General information
Size670x23x79 mm (26.38x0.91x3.11 in)
GNSS Location
Internal antenna (GNSS)
Cellular network typeGSM 850/900/1800/1900
Internal antenna (Connection)
Cellular network generation2G, 3G
Hardware extras
Fuel level sensor readingFeature already supported
Feature already supported in
Tracking features
Tracking modesContinuous
Feature already supported in
Self monitoring
GNSS signal levelFeature already supported
Feature already supported in
External power source voltageFeature already supported
Feature already supported in
Remote management
Server connection setup over SMSFeature already supported
Feature already supported in
Remote device configurationYes (over GPRS)Feature already supported
Feature already supported in
Forced GNSS location update over SMSFeature can be supported upon request
Feature can be supported upon request

Server software


Server Integration
Server IP Address217.23.132.215
Server port47768

Automatic activation (recommended)

The software platform supports automatic device activation by applying APN settings, server address and port, as well as recommended tracking mode though the SMS channel. Normally you don’t need to configure anything manually. Just install the SIM card, switch the device ON and make sure it is located in the place with good GPS signal reception.

You also need to keep the device with initial factory settings, in particular:

  • Do not set any password, keep it clear (as by default)
  • Do not set any master number prior to the device activation
  • Do not set local Time zone, it must be UTC+0h (as by default)

Manual activation

In case automatic activation failed, you can try to register the device manually by sending following commands to the device:


The <APN> parameters depend on your GSM carrier.


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